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With ShoWare, your theatre is in great hands. We offer a cost-effective solution that is cloud-based, feature-rich, secure and easy-to-use. With a tenured team of professionals averaging 15 years in the industry, we look forward to guiding you on how to raise funding, enhance your membership capabilities, and leverage your own brand.

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The quality of your patrons’ fair experience begins with buying a ticket. Driving ticket sales through social media like Facebook is a great way to help spread the excitement. Of course, ShoWare makes it easy to sell everywhere you need: at the gates and at the box office as well as online. Streamline the whole sales process - and the accounting of it. It’s a great way to boost your revenue - and everyone’s morale.

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Whether you are Casino Del Sol in Phoenix, The Hard Rock Hotel in Tulsa or a mega Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, ShoWare can lower fees and boost revenue. Run promotions and sell tickets through Facebook. Respond in real time to the peaks and valleys of sales. ShoWare even lets brokers track their own commissions.

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Sports Arenas

You’ve got a lot of patrons to shuttle through the doors and to their seats. And when it comes to your season ticket holders, your most valuable asset, you want to make sure you serve them right. We sell over a million tickets a month for many of the world’s largest artists. That’s a lot of customer data generated.

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ShoWare is the right company to keep visitors moving through your attraction. The US Travel Industry is growing by leaps and bounds, a record-breaking 67 million visitors travelled into the US in 2012 and that number is only expected to grow by 4.5% for the next 5 years! ShoWare was established in 1999, serves more than 500 clients in North America, and averages 40 million tickets sold annually.

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