The ShoWare Kiosk interface allows for the purchase of tickets and the pick-up of will call tickets, both of which are completely integrated with the venues' ShoWare ticketing system and inventory. Venues using the Kiosk can provide online purchase of tickets with pick-up from the kiosk by simply swiping a credit card or entering the order identification number. ShoWare's Kiosk interface also makes purchasing tickets quick and easy combining state-of-the art hardware and ShoWare's PCI-DSS 1 ticketing software.

When patrons approach the kiosk, they will be given the choice of Picking Up Will Call tickets or Purchasing Tickets.

To Pickup Will Call tickets they will be prompted to slide their credit card.

When Purchasing Tickets, patrons will be prompted to select a performance. They will then select their seat type, ticket type and quantity and then be prompted to pay by credit card.