What You Get Out of Using ShoWare

  1. A feature rich platform that allows you to build events faster and sell more tickets
  2. Improves the customer experience with features like Select Your Seat
  3. Returns control of your ticketing operation to you
  4. Immediate cashflow secured in your account
  5. Lower fees, more profit, happier patrons
  6. Complete access to your ticket buyer
  7. Safe & secure data, always

Complete Control for You
No more waiting for your rep to analyze your show data, or to decide when and how your show is posted. The incredibly intuitive ShoWare™ Ticketing Software interface lets you set up your show data, seating information, pricing and posting time. And when you finish, your show is live and online. Make a mistake? No problem, simply login, make the change and voila, it's fixed.

Complete Control

Complete Control for Your Ticket Buyer
Driving your sales traffic online lets you save money on staffing and other related costs. And if you offer reserved seating, they get to choose their own seat - no more complaints from upset patrons with lousy seat selections made by some algorithm.

Real Time Purchasing
All of your ticket sales happen in real-time. This means your ticket buyers can see the available seats and choose from them, which means you will manage fewer calls, field fewer complaints and end up with happier patrons.

What are Your Priorities?

Ask yourself what is valuable to you and your business. You'll probably think of things like:

  1. 24/7 access to ticket sales data and reporting
  2. Ease of training your staff
  3. Ease of show setup
  4. Streamlined event/performance posting

Don't forget what's important to your patrons:

  1. Low fees
  2. The ability to select their own seat online
  3. Online membership setup, which speeds the order process
  4. Receiving messaging that appeals to their particular interests

ShoWare™ Social Media Connect
Get the most from the social media revolution. ShoWare™ Social Media Connect enables patrons to buy tickets directly from a venue's Facebook fan page with real-time inventory management and credential validation. Built-in sharing features help venues gain "followers" on Twitter and "friends" on Facebook - and ultimately boost sales.

Social Media Connect

ShoWare™ Ticketing Software

User-friendly Interface
ShoWare™ Ticketing Software features a simple box office interface that operates in real-time and
makes ticket selling easy.

No Hardware Investment
Our online ASP model means you don't need a dedicated IT center, a server farm, security staff, programmers, or anything of the sort. ShoWare™ is a Web-based solution, so you have the ability to manage and sell tickets anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Kiosk Compatible
We work with the largest kiosk manufacturers to offer you nearly any conceivable option regarding the design and implementation of kiosks on or off your property.

Call Center Convenience
ShoWare's call center routes sales calls to professional agents and provides them with relevant information about the caller, the venue and its current events. Our agents are trained to think on their feet and provide great customer service - as well as sell tickets. Open 13 hours a day with after-hour voicemail service, the ShoWare call center becomes a seamless extension of your sales organization.  Download Brochure

Serious Security
No doubt about it, hackers are out there, ready to exploit weaknesses in any system. Anything less than top security risks exposing your patrons' valuable financial data--and damaging your relationship with them. ShoWare is a PCI-DSS compliant Level 1 certified ticketing system meeting the highest levels of security to protect your patrons and your business.

For smaller venues or one-time events, we also offer MyTicketPortal. Our portal offers you an easy, immediate solution. Simply provide us with the details, and within hours your show is online and selling. You can link to the ticket page from your website, and all transactions are handled securely through the ShoWare™ ticketing software.